This post is about how my dad makes the best salmon dinner.

One night my dad (David Bobzien) made us salmon. Carly, my little sister, hadn’t tried salmon before. She said she didn’t like it, even though she hadn’t eaten a single bite. We let her just eat the rest of her food. In the end, she tried it & she loved it. Let me tell my opinion.

Both of my parents like to make salmon for dinner, I like them both the same, but since I had my dad’s salmon recently I’m going to talk about his. I love it because of the pesto sauce & the lemon. I think it was delicious. It was good because he cooked it with the lemon on it. He also made quinoa & broccoli with it

I loved it!

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  1. Thanks Luca! Would you like to learn how to grill salmon?

  2. Kathleen says:

    Um… please send me the recipe. I will pay you back in Bobzien Crumb Cake! ❤️KS

  3. Ginny says:

    Great blog, Luca! Keep on writing!!

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