Seattle Marathon: Experience the Course Via Video

Running 2 January 2014 | Comments Off

Video selfie at the race

I’ll kick off 2014 (Happy New Year!) on this blog with one final Seattle Marathon post, this video from a runner dedicated enough to carry a video camera 26.2 miles on an extender: For those of you who read my race report, you’ll see the Ginger Bread Man at 3:28, and the Galer Street hill […]

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Seattle Marathon 2013 Report

Running 10 December 2013 | 1 Comment

David finishing the race

Ever since the first forecast of race day was posted, I was certain I was going to learn first-hand how running 26.2 miles in Seattle on December 1st could be a truly epic, if not downright miserable, experience. Indeed, even the forecast one day prior pointed to a twin event that lead me to melodramatically […]

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For love of the mountains

Running 7 December 2013 | Comments Off

View of Sand Harbor

With my marathon done (report coming soon!), a few inches of snow here in Reno, and plenty more in the mountains, I’m longing for summer already, and a return to the trails I love running high above Lake Tahoe. For now… a running video will have to do. Sarah Ridgway – Mountain runner from Polished […]

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#RunSeattle: Lay of the Land

Running 23 November 2013 | Comments Off

"8 days," painted on street

One more pace run (10 miles @marathon pace -20 seconds per mile) tomorrow morning, and then some miles in the week to pretty much keep me from going nuts, and then it’s game on, 26.2 miles at the Seattle Marathon. Thank you all who have donated to the Conservation Lands Foundation in honor of my […]

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#RunSeattle: Almost Here!

Running 21 November 2013 | Comments Off

Legs running, #RunSeattle, #Run4ConservationLands

For the past 18+ weeks, and some mileage build up weeks before that, I’ve been training to run the Seattle Marathon. This marathon, on December 1st, will be my second, but most importantly, I’m running this as a charity race for the Conservation Lands Foundation. If I haven’t had a chance to tell you about […]

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