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  • Salmon

    This post is about how my dad makes the best salmon dinner. One night my dad (David Bobzien) made us salmon. Carly, my little sister, hadn’t tried salmon before. She said she didn’t like it, even though she hadn’t eaten a single bite. We let her just eat the rest of her food. In the […]

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  • Dad’s Eulogy

    It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. There were more trips for my mother and father to take together. There were more summer days we were supposed to spend together as a family at the beach. We had more baseball games to see together. More races at which my Dad could cheer for me as […]

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  • Catch and Release Morality

    Releasing a Rainbow

    The One Truckee River‘s “River Stories” contest pushed me to finally write down one of my favorite memories of the thousands of hours I’ve spent on the Truckee River with a fly rod. Thank you for awarding my submission the first place prize. Catch and release morality gave way in the fading September light. I casted to […]

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  • For love of the mountains

    View of Sand Harbor

    With my marathon done (report coming soon!), a few inches of snow here in Reno, and plenty more in the mountains, I’m longing for summer already, and a return to the trails I love running high above Lake Tahoe. For now… a running video will have to do. Sarah Ridgway – Mountain runner from Polished […]

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  • #RunSeattle: Lay of the Land

    "8 days," painted on street

    One more pace run (10 miles @marathon pace -20 seconds per mile) tomorrow morning, and then some miles in the week to pretty much keep me from going nuts, and then it’s game on, 26.2 miles at the Seattle Marathon. Thank you all who have donated to the Conservation Lands Foundation in honor of my […]