This year marks 23 years for me living in Reno, Nevada. These are the things important to me:

It’s an honor to serve Governor Steve Sisolak leading the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy. The days are packed, the commute is was long, but the work is incredibly rewarding. I consider myself very fortunate to work on something as important as climate policy. And then the pandemic hit. So long commute but it seems like the days are even more packed.

I’m husband to Julie, and Daddy to Luca, Finnegan, Carly, and David III. 2019 was tough on our family. We lost my father at the end 2018, and we miss him every day. Seems like 2020 was even tougher

I ran a great Chicago Marathon in the fall of 2019: 3:08:27, a four minute PR that now has me wondering if I can best the Old Man’s sub three hour PR (which he ran in his 30’s mind you.)  Work and family pressures strain my ability to keep my mileage up, but I’m hopeful to emerge from the pandemic ready to get back to racing.

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