Seattle Marathon: Experience the Course Via Video

Video selfie at the race

I’ll kick off 2014 (Happy New Year!) on this blog with one final Seattle Marathon post, this video from a runner dedicated enough to carry a video camera 26.2 miles on an extender:

For those of you who read my race report, you’ll see the Ginger Bread Man at 3:28, and the Galer Street hill at 10:40. It looks like the videographer runs with the 3:15 pace group for the first part of the race, but cramps in the hills and ends up walking to a 4:03 finish.

You see race winner Uli Steidl at 4:36 and again at 7:50 (neon lime top, whitte cap). Oh, and Bohemian Rhapsoday at 9:00 (alas, the soundtrack was muted because of copyright issues.)