For love of the mountains

View of Sand Harbor

View of Sand HarborWith my marathon done (report coming soon!), a few inches of snow here in Reno, and plenty more in the mountains, I’m longing for summer already, and a return to the trails I love running high above Lake Tahoe.

For now… a running video will have to do.

Sarah Ridgway – Mountain runner from Polished Project on Vimeo.

Sarah Ridgway is a Welsh international runner specialising in mountainous terrain. Her love of gnarly conditions helped her secure the woman’s record for the classic Snowdon Horseshoe in a time of 1hr 43min. Sarah works as a guide in her business Run Snowdonia (, one of the premier guided running services in the UK. The business involves anything from taking people for scenic guided runs, a hard training session or instructing people on how to run safely in the mountains.

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